At Premier Property Management, we take care of the transfer of Utilities and Council Tax between tenancies to ensure continuity of billing and service. We utilise Utility Management software which further ensures that the suppliers are updated fully and in a timely manner whilst informing tenants of the inherent responsibilities and obligations. All meters are routinely monitored to create an easily managed trail and in addition to paper copy, photographic evidence is obtained to avoid any anomalies.

Council Tax

After the commencement of the tenancy we inform the relevant local authority of the occupancy status of the property. The Authorities thereafter, have an accurate knowledge of the account.

Benefit Mandate

As part of the tenancy paperwork, Premier Property Management include a Benefit Mandate, which must be signed by the tenant. The Mandate is forwarded to the relevant local authority and ensures that the status of their tenants can be quickly established i.e. in the event that a tenant’s status changes to one of receiving benefit, confirmation will be received and can be disseminated to the Landlord.

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